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Experience Winter's Beauty: Exclusive Retreats and Enthralling Packages

Winter in Ontario is nothing short of enchanting. As the snow blankets the landscape, it transforms into a glistening wonderland. The province's serene forests and pristine lakes provide the perfect backdrop for a winter getaway. Ontario, especially in the Haliburton region, offers a plethora of outdoor adventures and activities that capture the essence of this magical season.

Skiing Bliss at Sir Sam Ski Hill

If you're a skiing or snowboarding enthusiast, Sir Sam Ski Hill is your paradise. Nestled in the heart of the Haliburton Highlands, this family-owned ski resort boasts rolling Canadian Shield terrain. It offers something for everyone, from open, spacious runs to intimate trails winding through hardwood forests. Their permanent ski and snowboard cross track and glade skiing over the Canadian Shield terrain add to the excitement. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced skier, Sir Sam's Ski Hill has the perfect slopes for you.

Connect with Wolves at the Wolf Centre

For wildlife lovers, the Wolf Centre at Haliburton Forest is a must-visit. This unique, all-indoor facility houses museum-style exhibits, a cinema, and a large indoor observatory. You'll have the opportunity to observe Haliburton Forest's resident wolf pack through one-way glass. It's a chance to get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures while learning about their behavior and habitat.

Discover Your Dream Getaway

Now that you're enchanted by the winter wonderland of Ontario, it's time to find the perfect place to stay. Ontario is dotted with a variety of charming accommodations that promise an unforgettable winter retreat. From cozy cottages to luxurious hideaways, there's something for every traveler seeking respite from the cold.

At Hidden Hideouts, we have curated two exceptional options for your winter escape: the Winter Spa Vacation and the Wellness Tour.

If you're seeking the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation, our Winter Spa Vacation is tailored just for you. Choose between Lakefront Casillo, offering ski-in, ski-out convenience near Sir Sam Ski Hill, or Paradise Retreat, a tranquil escape just 27 minutes away from the winter activities mentioned earlier. Both cottages are equipped with saunas, hot tubs, and fireplaces, creating an ideal haven for unwinding after your winter adventures. Whether you're a group of skiers or nature enthusiasts, these cottages accommodate 10 to 14 people, promising an unforgettable winter retreat.

For those in search of tranquility and rejuvenation, our Wellness Tour beckons. Hidden Hobbit and A House are your sanctuaries in nature. Embrace the woodsy charm of Hidden Hobbit or the compact elegance of A House. These cottages offer cozy indoor and outdoor amenities, and they're conveniently located near thrilling attractions. They are perfect for smaller groups or intimate getaways.

Both our Winter Spa Vacation and Wellness Tour cottages offer proximity to the winter activities mentioned earlier. Whether you're hitting the slopes or connecting with wolves, our cottages provide the perfect base for your winter adventures. Create memories that will warm your heart long after winter has passed.

Book your winter retreat with Hidden Hideouts today and make the most of this enchanting season.

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