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A Thanksgiving Retreat: Cozy Corners & Crimson Leaves at Hidden Hideouts 🍁

As the Canadian landscape dresses in hues of burnt orange and golden yellow, there's a special kind of magic in the air. It's a time for gratitude, gathering, and gauging the beauty of nature. This Thanksgiving, why not immerse yourself in the enchantment with a stay at Hidden Hideouts? Let's discover which cozy corner feels like your autumn dream:

🍁 Forest Feasts at GrassLake Maison 🍔

Host your very own BBQ bonanza with the propane grill, while overlooking a picturesque lake. After dining, indulge in table tennis bouts or soak in the heated hot tub under the canopy. With its classic lakeside design, this cottage is an amalgamation of recreation and relaxation.

🙌 Amenities: Heated hot tub under canopy, wooden sauna, table tennis, table soccer, propane BBQ.

📌Top Attractions Nearby:

Sir Sams Ski Hill - 10 mins

Wolf Center - 15 mins

Abbey Gardens - Across the street!

🍁 Whistle and Play at Hillwoods Homestead 🎯

Sip hot apple cider while playing darts in the "men's den". Here, tradition marries fun. The grand fireplace becomes your storytelling arena, while the indoor hot tub promises hours of relaxation and giggles. Wooden accents and the charming decorative railroad in the living room make it quintessentially Canadian.

🙌 Amenities: Indoor hot tub, grand fireplace, decorative railroad in the living room, basement "men's den" with TV, pool table, and darts.

📌Top Attractions Nearby:

Blue Mountain Ski Club - 25 mins

Beaver Valley Ski Club - 2 mins

Scandinavian Spa - 25 mins

🍂 Natural Serenades at Hidden Hobbit 🍃

Dine al fresco amidst nature's symphony. This intimate cabin, enveloped by a dense forest, offers a haven for small groups. Outdoor wooden furniture, compact hot tub, and an exterior sauna make it a cozy nest. The Propane BBQ awaits the culinary genius in you!

🙌Amenities: Outdoor wooden furniture, compact hot tub, exterior sauna, Propane BBQ.

📌Top Attractions Nearby:

Blue Mountain - 25 mins

Scenic Caves - 20 mins

Eugenia Lake - 1 min

🛶 Lake Whispers at Lakefront Casillo 🚣‍♀️

Canoeing at dawn on Halls Lake? Yes, please! This 4,000 sq. ft. paradise pairs modern luxury with nature's embrace. As the evening falls, gather around the fire pit or indulge in games inside. And that wood-burning sauna? The cherry on top for your Thanksgiving escapade.

🙌 Amenities: 4,000 sq. ft. waterfront space, wood-burning sauna, fire pit, modern game room.

📌Top Attractions Nearby:

Sir Sam Ski Hill - 25 mins

Wolf Center - 32 mins

Abbey Gardens - 14 mins

🍂 Wilderness Whispers at Sleepy Willow 🌳

Set in a 5-acre forest, here the leaves rustle stories of old. The basement bar calls for some cocktail crafting, while the proximity to Arrowhead Park promises thrilling escapades. The classic Canadian interior, with its stonework fireplace, promises cozy nights with loved ones.

🙌 Amenities: Hot tub, wood-burning sauna, fire pit, indoor fireplace, basement bar.

📌 Top Attractions Nearby:

Arrowhead Park/Skating Trail - 12 mins

Hidden Valley Ski Resort - 25 mins

Santa's Village - 45 mins

🛶 A House: Adventure Awaited and Achieved 🌄

Only a few minutes away from the majestic Arrowhead Park, this compact cabin offers the perfect mix of adventure and serenity. Enjoy contrasting experiences with an open-air sauna and hot tub, and cap off your nights with stories by one of the two fireplaces.

🙌 Amenities: Outdoor sauna and jacuzzi, two indoor fireplaces.

📌Top Attractions Nearby:

Arrowhead Park - 17 mins

Screaming Heads - 27 mins

Clear Lake Beach - 2 mins

This Thanksgiving, be it lakeside lounging, forest feasts, or tales by the timber, each cottage offers a unique, cozy corner for you. So, pack your autumn essentials and prepare for moments filled with gratitude, laughter, and memories that will warm your heart all winter long.🍁🦃🍂

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